Our Approach

Creating knowledge through research – the foundation of our work

Through a combination of research, experience and the necessary reflective judgment for individual starting positions, we act as a strategic partner in matters of Human Capital interests. As we believe in “Best Practice” our only goal is to serve our clients and to ensure their long-term and sustained business success through our consultation services.

We identify ourselves, through a collaborative framework, as a part of your organization. We strive for meaningful dialogue in order to support our clients in achieving their goals. We make a point of putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients; this is a core criterion of our work.

The fundamental basis of our projects constitutes, by definition, an individually-tailored research process which ensures that, without exception, all relevant profiles for your desired position will be taken into account.


We believe in conducting assessments in an objective manner, as this is a sound, transparent and fair feedback process, as well as a central element of our business strategy.

In order to ensure optimum objectivity, we have developed an evaluation system which ensures that all profiles will be evaluated by way of objective criteria.

The determining factors of our research approach are:

We consider potential to be one of the most important prerequisites for success in the workplace. We also regard ourselves as “New Age Talent Spotters” (...)

We try to ‘make sense’ of a person’s working identity by focusing on experience. We then interpret the data and information based on current circumstances (...)

An important prerequisite for a person’s success in a new company is that personal values need to be in-sync with company values. We strive to gain a comprehensive (...)

Individuals with self-awareness possess the right framework that allows them to make career decisions that are right for them. The process of self-exploration (...)

The best profile matches are with individuals who have the right qualitative skills combined with technical expertise. In order to verify the latter, we conduct (...)